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Goat Skin Leather Assembly Glove

Goat Skin Leather Assembly Glove :

Containing all of the glove specifications, our Goat Skin Leather Assembly Glove is one of the most durable gloves available. Its strong goat leather design and enhanced flexibility along with a non-slip nickel pattern are perfect for any assembly line environment.
This goat skin glove is perfect for the assembly and placement of product into your final mold. A glove that protects the hand and fingers from scratches, or another breakage in assembly, it is also ideal for placing the product into a mold without getting skin oils and debris on your hands.
premium goat skin leather assembly glove with a 5-star rating. Perfect for assembly and light construction, perfect for driving or using a screwdriver, hammer, or wrench.

Comfortable and fitted, Soft and strong goat skin leather provides the gloves excellent dexterity and touch sensitivity, Inside Cotton Fleece to keep hands warm, and High-quality Interlock fabric at back with elastic. EN420, EN388, CE MARKED


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