Welding Jackets

DURABLE & ERGONOMIC LEATHER SLEEVES – Made from high grade cowhide, the leather sleeves provide great protection from spatter, sparks and heat while allowing free flowing arm movement. Additionally, the leather sleeves can withstand heavy abrasion and friction which is a common failure point of cotton sleeved jackets.
PREMIUM FLAME RETARDANT (FR) BODY –  FR black / red cotton which prevents and extinguishes fire / flames. The fabric also has an anti-static coating for added longevity and protection.
SPATTER GUARD BUTTON LINER – To eliminate sparks and spatter from entering the jacket, the front button column has a unique three layer fabric and velcro design to improve protection and fit.
SUPERIOR COMFORT – The ergonomic leather sleeves improve arm mobility while the lightweight FR material is designed to be breathable allowing consistent airflow to keep you cool without sacrificing protection.
ADJUSTABLE FIT – To improve jacket fit, each side has an adjustable side straps to offer a comfortable fit for various body sizes. Additionally, the collar and cuffs can be adjusted to your desired fit.

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